Differences between ISO18000-6B and iso18000-6c (EPC C1G2) standards
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Differences between ISO18000-6B and iso18000-6c (EPC C1G2) standards
2020-08-04 16:00:30

At present, there are two protocol standards for RFID UHF. One is ISO18000-6B, the other is EPC C1G2 standard accepted by ISO as iso18000-6c. Each of these two standards has its own advantages.

ISO18000-6B standard

The standard is positioned as a general standard, its application is relatively mature, the product performance is relatively stable, and the data format and standard are relatively simple. The main features of ISO18000-6B standard include: mature standard, stable products and wide application; unique ID number in the world; read ID number first, then data area; large capacity of 1024bits or 2048bits; large user data area of 98bytes or 216bytes; reading multiple tags at the same time, which can read dozens of tags at the same time; data reading speed is 40kbps. The electronic label which conforms to ISO18000-6B standard is mainly used in the field of asset management. At present, the chip of this standard is used in the domestic container identification electronic tag, electronic license plate tag and electronic driver's license (driver card).

According to the characteristics of ISO18000-6B standard, in terms of reading speed and number of tags, the application of ISO 18000-6b standard labels can basically meet the requirements in the application of bayonet and wharf operation. At present, the "electronic license plate recognition system" used in China customs logistics supervision system is the electronic label of ISO18000-6B standard

The shortcomings of ISO18000-6B standard are: in recent years, the development is stagnant, and EPC C1G2 is replacing it; the software solidification technology of user data is not mature, but this situation can be solved by embedding user data into chip manufacturers.

Iso18000-6c (EPC C1G2) standard

The characteristics of the standard are: high speed, data rate up to 40kbps ~ 640kbps; a large number of tags can be read at the same time, theoretically more than 1000 tags can be read; first read EPC number, the tag ID number needs to be read in the way of reading data; strong function, with a variety of write protection methods, strong security; many areas, divided into EPC area (96bits or 16bytes, can be expanded to 512bits), i However, some labels provided by some manufacturers do not have user data area, such as the label of inpinj. EPC C1G2 standard is mainly applicable to the identification of a large number of goods in the field of logistics, which is in continuous development.

EPC C1G2 standard has many advantages, such as strong universality, conforming to EPC rules, low product price and good compatibility. However, the following problems need to be considered:

1. The label products and application of this standard are not mature, and most of the labels are air medium.

2. The user data area is small, only 28 bytes. For the electronic label of container identification, if all the container data defined in iso10374 needs to be written, the data area capacity is not enough.

3. At present, almost all chips used for EPC label are flip chip, and there are few chips that can be soldered and packaged. It is difficult to guarantee the reliability of the inverted chip technology for long-term outdoor work, sports, bumpy items.

4. EPC C1G2 electronic tag is positioned as a universal label, and it pursues too low price. Its chip design and packaging design have little consideration for the environmental adaptability of the product. If it is applied to the container identification electronic tag, which requires high environmental applicability, long service life and relatively professional application field, the technology, performance and process of the chip need to be further improved.

5.The standard contains self destruction procedures, which need to be seriously considered for containers, which are long-term mobile vehicles.

According to the above analysis and comparison, the electronic tag technology and application of ISO18000-6B standard are relatively mature. If it is applied to container label, the production and practical steps can be faster; for EPC C1G2, first of all, it is necessary to solve the problems of chip technology, performance and process, which requires the strong support of chip manufacturers at home and abroad, and the time for practical promotion is unpredictable.

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