Philips S70 chip card
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Philips S70 chip card

S70 card is the original Mifare IC S70 chip of Philips (NXP) used in Philips S70 thin card, which conforms to IEC / ISO 14443a interface protocol. It has advanced data encryption and two-way password verification system. Compared with S50 card chip, it has larger storage capacity. It is the preferred RFID product for enterprise's all-in-one card, water meter prepayment, bus stored value card, highway toll, parking lot, community management, transportation card, park, highway, etc.

S70 card parameters:

  • Chip type: Philips Mifare 1 S70

  • Storage capacity: 32Kbit, 32 partitions, two sets of passwords for each partition

  • Working frequency: 13.56 MHz

  • Communication rate: 106kboud

  • Reading and writing distance: 2.5 ~ 10cm

  • Reading and writing time: 1 ~ 2ms

  • Working temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃

  • Erase life: > 100000 times

  • Data preservation: > 10 years

  • Dimensions: ISO standard card 85.6 x 54 x 0.80mm

  • Packaging materials: PVC, pet, PETG, ABS

  • Executive standard: ISO 14443a

Typical applications: enterprise / Campus All-in-one Card, bus stored value card, highway toll collection, parking lot, community management, etcThe chip fully compatible with Philips S70 card is gt23sc4469. The performance, purpose and use method of gt23sc4469 chip are exactly the same as Philips S70 card. However, as Philips S70 card 4K is an original imported chip, there will be many additional charges such as taxes, so the price is relatively high. GT23SC4469 is produced in Chinese mainland, with lower production cost and stronger price competitiveness. Therefore, in more and more systems, GT23SC4469 chips are used instead of PHILPS S70 cards.

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