Tk4100 chip card
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Tk4100 chip card

Tk4100 chip card radio frequency chip, using advanced chip packaging technology, can be used as an excellent solution for contactless card applications. At the same time, it provides preferential printing service and special-shaped card suitable for application environment. It can be widely used in identification, attendance system, access control system, property identification, process control, enterprise card system, parking, logistics, animal identification, identification, identification of goods, industrial automation, conference attendance, electronic label, supermarket, warehouse management, personnel management, security system, medical institutions, etc.

Tk4100 chip card product parameters:

Δ chip type: domestic tk4100

Δ storage capacity: 64bit

Δ operating frequency: 125kHz

Δ sensing distance: 5 ~ 8cm

Δ dimension: ISO standard card / thick card

Δ packaging materials: PVC, ABS, pet

ID thick card: thickness 1.8mm, standard card size, is currently the most economical RF card, with ID number, with a portable hole, can screen print logo text information, etc;

Standard thin card: thickness 0.9mm, standard size, can offset printing, screen printing, printing photos;

Typical applications: patrol system, attendance system, access control system, enterprise card system and other RFID fields;ID card introduction:

The ID card is thrc12 / 13 read-only contactless card. It is powered by the reader and reads out the unique card number stored in the chip EEPROM. The card number is written in before the card is sealed and cannot be changed after the card is sealed. Passive and contactless are the two most prominent features of the chip. RF interface circuit is the key core technology. It receives RF energy from the reader, generates power and clock for the chip, and uses phase shift keying and load amplitude modulation technology to realize wireless communication between card and reader. The contactless ID card has been widely used because of its advantages of convenient operation, fast operation and reliability.The tk4100 chip is fully compatible with the original imported em4200 / em4100 / em4102. The perform

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