Em4305 chip card
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Electronic Tag Smart card IC RFID device
Em4305 chip card

Em4305 chip card / em4205 chip card is a non-contact RFID radio frequency chip with read / write function, which is produced by EM microelectronics company. It can provide a variety of data transmission rates and data coding methods with low power consumption. Because the RF chip is not only compatible with ISO 11784 / 11785 standard, but also in line with ISO FDX / b animal identification standard, the RF chip can be widely used in various application management systems, especially in animal identification and tracking management.Em4305 chip card / em4205 chip card has 32-bit password read / write protection, 32-bit unique ID code and 10-bit user code.

The EEPROM memory space of em4305 chip card / em4205 chip card is 512 bits, which is divided into 16 sectors, each sector has 32 bits. The lock location can change the EEPROM data block into read-only mode. Em4469 can provide a variety of data transmission rates and encoding methods with low power consumption, and its internal integrated resonant capacitor can be masked without external capacitance. In addition, it also has on-chip rectifier and voltage limiter, which can work at - 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃.

Chip parameters:

Storage capacity: 512bit, divided into 16 × 32 sections

Security features: unique 32-bit serial number, 32 password

Working frequency: 125kHz

Communication speed: RF / 8, RF / 16, RF / 32, RF / 40, RF / 64 optional

Reading and writing distance: 2-15cm

Data preservation: 10 years

Number of erasures: > 100000

Protocol standard: compatible standard iso11784 / 11785

Application scope: 

inductive intelligent door lock, enterprise card system, access control, channel system, animal identification, tracking management

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