Mifare plus chip card
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Mifare plus chip card

Product introduction:

Mifare classic is widely used in the world and has become a hidden "standard" for contactless smart cards. NXP semiconductor introduces a new generation of contactless smart card chip, Mifare plus. For the price sensitive automatic bus payment and access control system, Mifare plus chip card undoubtedly has a breakthrough in security and performance. Compared with Mifare classic, Mifare plus has a higher level of security and is compatible with NFC, a new technology for mobile payment in the future.Mifare plus is downward compatible and can be upgraded seamlessly from the already used Mifare classic system. After the system is upgraded, operators can easily improve the security level of cards without having to re issue cards.Higher security is the core advantage of Mifare plus chip card. It uses 128 bit key length AES algorithm for authentication and encryption. At the same time, Mifare plus chip card also contains a series of other security features. For example, Mifare plus chip card uses random card serial numbers (RIDS) and 7-byte world-wide unique serial numbers (UIDs), which can be used to protect users' information and prevent them from being eavesdropped by others.The Mifare plus chip card is available in two versions: Mifare plus (mf1splusx0y1) and Mifare plus x (mf1plus x0y1). Mifare plus s is a standard version of Mifare classic system that is directly forward compatible. Its configuration can provide higher data integration. Mifare plus x is more flexible in optimizing the speed and confidentiality of instruction streams. It provides rich features, including relay attack checking against interrupt attacks.

Product features:

>Proee2 or 4KB;

>Simple fixed memory structure, compatible with Mifare mini, Mifare 1K and Mifare 4K;

>The memory structure is the same as Mifare 4K (sector, block);

>Access conditions can be configured at will

>Support ISO / IEC 14443-a unique serial number (4 or 7 bytes), support arbitrary random ID;

>Multi sector authentication, multi block read and write;

>AES is used for authentication, encryption and data integrity verification;

>Tear protection;

>The key can be stored as Mifare crypto1 key (2 × 48 bits / sector) or AES key (2 × 128 bits / sector);

>Full virtual card concept;

>Relay attack check

>The communication rate can reach 848 kbit / s

>Number of independent write operations: usually 200000;

>Through CC EAL4 +.Typical applications:

>Public transmission;

>Access management;

>Electronic toll collection system;

>Parking lot;


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