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CPU card

CPU card refers to the chip contains a microprocessor, its function is equivalent to a microcomputer. The integrated circuit in CPU card includes CPU, ROM, ram, EEPROM and so on. It is like a super mini computer. It has the advantages of large amount of information, high security of anti-counterfeiting, offline operation and multi-functional development. The CPU card adopts a strong and stable security controller, which enhances the security of the card, and the contactless transmission interface can meet the requirements of fast transaction (such as the rapid transit of public transport). The CPU card adopts a variety of chip level anti attack means, which is basically unforgeable; The unique internal and external authentication mechanism of CPU card and the special authentication mechanism represented by financial IC card specification can fully guarantee the legitimacy of transactions In the process, the CPU key does not appear as plaintext on the line, and each time it is sent out, it is encrypted by random number. Moreover, because of the participation of random number, the content of each transmission is different, which ensures the security of the transaction. The key used in the process of authentication and transaction is generated in the secure card issuing environment and the ciphertext is installed in Sam card and user card. The key is not exposed in the whole process. The application firewall function of CPU card can guarantee the security independence of different applications in the same card. CPU card is the standard of the next generation bank card in the financial industry which requires high security. 

The use of CPU card can eliminate forgery of cards, terminals and transactions, and ultimately ensure the security of the system.At the same time, the large capacity storage space of CPU card can meet the requirements of more customer information storage required by large amount of consumption applications. At this time, security is not only the security of electronic currency stored in the card, but also the security of personal information. The security mechanism of contactless CPU card can provide good protection for this.Because of the above incomparable advantages, CPU card is very suitable for e-wallet, electronic passbook, highway automatic toll collection system, automatic bus ticketing system, social security system, IC card fueling system, security access control and many other application fields. The contactless CPU card will gradually replace the logic encryption card and become the main selection of IC card. In the situation of M1 card being cracked, replacing M1 card with CPU card is the final solution to solve M1 card crisis.CPU card classificationAccording to the card and external data transmission form, it can be divided into contact CPU card, non-contact CPU card and dual interface CPU card

>Materials: PVC, PP, pet, ABS

>Card size: cr80 (85.5mm × 54mm), or custom size.

>Color: white, hoarse, four colors, gold and silver.

>Certification: ISO - 9001:2008, SGS; iso14443a; iso15693; iso117885; ISO7816

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