Label of UHF gas cylinder
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Electronic Tag Smart card IC RFID device
Label of UHF gas cylinder

Electronic label of gas cylinder management:

Mifare 0 IC U1 chip is a HF band universal RFID IC produced by NXP company. It is widely used in read-write e-ticket and tag card. It has a unique serial number of 4 bytes and a total storage space of 512bits. The chip adopts ISO / iec14443a communication protocol and is compatible with Mifare series 13.56MHz read-write devices developed by NXP company.

Main technical parameters

Chip model: mf0 IC U1

Communication protocol: ISO 14443 / A

Carrier frequency: 13.56 MHz

Working temperature: - 20-80 ℃

Storage temperature: - 30-100 ℃

Working distance: 10-30mm (related to reading head)

Color: pink rp01

Package material: ABS; drop adhesive epoxy resin

Package size: 46.8 × 32 × 5.6mm ± 0.2

Weight: 5.78g ± 0.2

Acceptance period: 90 days


The cylinder gas tank with this electronic label can be used as a digital item for information tracking, which can be used in logistics, security inspection, anti-theft, etc On many occasions.

The hf-26 gas cylinder electronic label can be used not only for tracking and management of liquefied gas cylinders, oxygen cylinders and other gas cylinders, but also for similar occasions. Before use, make sure that the round diameter of the cylinder air tank is greater than 200 mm-300 mm. If the diameter of the cylinder is too small or too large, the attachment performance of the electronic label may be affected.

Precautions for use:

1. When using this electronic tag, please operate in strict accordance with the "working temperature" range. If it is used beyond the scope, it may cause unstable work or even permanent failure;

2. The operational distance of the tag in actual work is related to the geometry size of the antenna and the RF power of the reader head;

3. This manual reserves the right to change product specifications and prices without prior notice or change.

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